6 Steps to Finding Rental Accommodations with findaplaceinparis.com

We understand how important it is for you to find the right living space, especially when relocating to another country. That is why it is our goal to guide you through every step of the apartment search process, from finding the right apartment to signing the final lease agreement.

1 Contact Us

Whether you’d like to schedule an apartment visit, or you have questions about an apartment, you can email info@findaplaceinparis.com or call +33 (0)9 70 73 60 78 or +1 929 445 0020. You can also find us on Facebook.

2 Select an Apartment & Schedule a Visit

Search our website to filter properties either by price or by district and determine which apartments interest you most. The availability for each of these properties will be clearly indicated. Or, click the “Available Now” tab to filter out any properties not available either immediately or within the next month.

Then, either complete the form below each listing of interest or contact our team via phone to schedule apartment visits accordingly. If you cannot reach Paris during the regular work week, apartment visits can be arranged on Saturdays as long as an appointment is made at least 24 hours in advance.

3 Prepare for What’s Next

Lease Agreement: A lease agreement (rental contract subject to provisions in the French Civil Code) will be sent to you by email as a “draft for approval.” Once you and the landlord have agreed on all conditions of the lease agreement, your findaplaceinparis agent will organize the contract signing.
The lease agreement is an important document because it lays down the conditions related to your rental, the start date and duration of your stay, the rental price and all legal requirements. It explains your rights and obligations and those of the owner. It is essential to sign a lease agreement to avoid any misunderstandings so that you can fully enjoy your stay.
Contract Signing: We use a paperless digital service called CudaSign in order to manage your contract signing. All amounts will be due at the time of your digital signing (first month’s rent and the security deposit to the landlord, as well as the agency fee to findaplaceinparis).
Security Deposit: The security deposit covers any outstanding expenses and/or damages to the property during your stay.
The security deposit equates to:

  • One month’s rent (maintenance charges included) for furnished rentals*

*In some cases, the owner may request a larger deposit to cover any valuable furnishings in the apartment.
The owner will refund the security deposit (minus any necessary deductions: cleaning and/or repairs) within two months (French law allows a period of two months maximum to return the deposit).
Additional guarantees: An additional guarantee may be requested by the landlord such as:

  • A personal guarantee from a third party
  • A guarantee from an employer
  • Proof of employment
  • A bank guarantee (letter of credit)

Agency Fees: For furnished rentals, our fee is based on the length of your stay. Agency fees are as follows:

  • One month or less: 10% of a month’s rental rate + 250 Euro
  • Two to three months: 50% of a month’s rental rate
  • Three to six months: 75% of a month’s rental rate
  • Six months to one year: 10% of the total rent paid for the rental contract
  • After 1 year: 8% of the rental amount

Payment: We accept the following payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer (US or European) (the sender should expect additional bank fees for international transfers)

There are other expenses and obligations payable by the tenant, although not necessarily at the time of the lease signature. They include:
Home insurance: Mandatory for all tenants, it is required by law to provide proof of insurance to the owner before moving in, and the same for each additional year of renting. This insurance covers the tenant for water damage and fire (theft is usually not included).
You can get home insurance through your own broker or we can provide a link to a website that offers it.

Taxe d’habitation: Local residence tax in France due by the occupant of a property who had been residing there on January 1st of the past year. In the case of a furnished apartment, if the tenant resided there for a short period of time (ex: 3 months), the landlord may accept a pro-rata payment of the tax, but it would be at the owner’s discretion.
Utilities: This will depend on the property, as sometimes these are paid, and sometimes the tenant will have to pay them him/herself.
Internet/Cable/Phone: An internet/cable/phone service (called ‘triple play’ in France) may or may not be installed, and is at the landlord’s discretion. You can choose your own provider (some tenants prefer certain providers over others because of price or choice of sports and movie channels, for example), or we can also recommend a private installer to quickly set up your subscription.
Please note that in order to subscribe to utilities and internet/cable/phone, you will be required to have a bank account in France.

4 Participate in a Checkin/Checkout

Known in French as “état des lieux” (literally the current “state of the premises”), a checkin/checkout is an on-site inspection of the rented property, and its furnishings in a comprehensive inventory (furniture, household appliances, home linens, dishware, etc.), prior to moving in and once again when moving out. Both documents will serve as a comparison of the apartment’s condition when the tenant is ready to leave the apartment.
The checkin/checkout is usually performed by the tenant and the findaplaceinparis agent together. In some cases, the landlord may choose to be present as well.

  • If everything is in order and there are no outstanding bills, the tenant will receive his or her security deposit within two months.
  • If there are any necessary cleaning or repairs, the costs will be deducted from the security deposit and the remaining amount will be sent to the tenant within two months.

Note: The tenant should leave the apartment as clean as it was upon arrival with all linens washed and ironed. (The checkin/checkout report gives the original state in which the apartment was found.)
Although checkin/checkouts can feel a little uncomfortable, they ultimately benefit both parties and leave no room for error. It is impossible for the tenant to remember everything after spending a year or two in an apartment, as well as for the landlord after not seeing the apartment for so long.

5 Plan for Your Departure

Once the checkin/checkout is finished and signed, the tenant may no longer stay in the apartment, and he or she should return the set(s) of keys to the landlord.
Make sure to leave your bank details and an address to have the security deposit wired or sent to you, and so the landlord can inform the Centre des Impôts that you are no longer in the apartment and no longer responsible for the taxe d’habitation (Council or housing tax), and can forward any mail that may arrive after your departure.

6 Address a Rental Issue (if applicable)

Contact us at findaplaceinparis.com or call +33 (0)9 70 73 60 78, and we will provide whatever assistance is required throughout the duration of your rental agreement.

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