What services does FindAPlaceInParis.com provide?

We are an online Property Rental Agency dedicated to furnished rentals in central Paris, France. We have a minimum rental period of one month to one year.

Our business is connecting suitable tenants with owners of well appointed central Paris properties while providing outstanding customer support.

Where do we Advertise?

Our advertising hot-spots principally include the following areas: San Francisco, New York, the New England area, London, and Paris. Our principal method is to focus on these selected areas where there is a French community presence and a larger base of international travelers. Chances are, you will have heard about us from one of our advertising flyers within one of these locations. Over the years we have also developed a strong association with a secondary school in the San Francisco Bay Area. **We are OPTIMIZING our web search links giving us a high google search rating compared to the competition.

What is Find a Place in Paris’ commission?

Owners pay nothing to FindAPlaceInParis.com, neither is there any contract of exclusivity. Renters pay a finders fee to FindAPlaceInParis.com only when a rental contract is signed. To find out more about this finders fee, visit How to for Renters

I am interested, what is involved?

  1. Fill our new client application form. Before we get started, we would like to know a little bit about your property to see if it corresponds with demand. This form is entirely non-contractual and you may provide as much or as little information as you please.
  2. Usually within 24 hours, we will respond to your application. We will go through any questions that you may have either in person (in Paris) or by email or telephone. We will then need to make an initial appointment to take professional photography of your apartment. Once photos are taken, we will list your property on Find a Place in Paris, where your will be connected with a wide range of potential renters.
  3. We will co-ordinate visits to your property from potential renters as they are received. This will include attending property showings, forwarding you any completed rental requests, along with all supporting documentation, such as credit checks, personal references, and identity documents. Once a suitable tenant is found, FindAPlaceInParis.com will draft the appropriate rental contract and request payment of our finders from this tenant, before the tenancy may commence.

Does FindAPlaceInParis.com provide Property Management services?

Yes! Throughout the duration of the tenancy, FindAPlaceInParis.com will provide customer service support and report any maintenance issues that may arise. Upon termination of the tenancy, we will attend to complete a check out with the tenant to recover procession of the property and inspect the property condition etc. For more information on the check out procedure see Deposits.

What happens once a potential tenant makes a request to rent my apartment?

  1. We will receive their request along with preferred arrival and departure dates.
  2. FindAPlaceInParis.com will process their application, and obtain all relevant documents.
  3. We will forward you this request along with a copy of the rental contract, for your consideration.
  4. If you are happy with the terms of the rental contract, accept the document by signing it and send it back. That’s it!

Who organizes the rental contract?

FindAPlaceInParis.com provides the contract for both you and your renter, and will liaise the contract process by obtaining all supporting documentation.

What if my tenant requests to extend their tenancy?

No problem! If both landlord and tenant are willing to extend the tenancy for a further period, either at the same rental rate or at a slightly higher price- a new tenancy agreement can be prepared. FindAPlaceInParis.com would request that the tenant pay a supplemental finders fee at 50% of their initial rate. To find out more about this fee, visit How to for Renters

What happens if either party wishes to Cancel?

Once a contract is signed, both landlord & renter are obliged to fulfill the terms of the contract. If, for some reason, you wish to cancel, your tenants have the legal right to remain for the duration of the lease. You may offer financial incentive for early release, but it is entirely up to the renter. If, for some reason the tenant wishes to terminate, you have the right to retain their deposit


Will FindAPlaceInParis.com show my property to potential tenants?

Yes we will be happy to arrange visits for potential applicants and assist to show them at convenient times.

What do we expect of apartments listed at FindAPlaceInParis.com?

We expect the apartment to be cleaned to a professional standard, for both apartment viewings & renter check-ins. What if I can’t arrange for cleaning or to inspect the condition of the apartment between renters? We are happy to arrange this for you if you would prefer as part of our additional services.

What if the renter does not leave the apartment in the same condition?

You may claim the appropriate cleaning fee from the deposit.

Who is responsible for the Inventory and Schedule of condition form?

You are. Apartments should have an inventory prepared in advance by the owner prior to the arrival of the tenants. The condition and the contents of the apartment will be assessed according to an inventory and schedule of condition document which must have previously been prepared by the owner of the property. When this document is available, the tenant must sign the “Apartment condition – inventory agreement” before commencing the tenancy, and when leaving the apartment, any change in the condition of the apartment will result in a deposit deduction.

What if I don’t have an inventory?

FindAPlaceInParis.com can provide & manage your inventory. We are happy to arrange this for you, as part of our additional services

How do I use my own inventory?

You must make arrangements to email your tenants the inventory or leave them 2 paper copies & a self-addressed, stamped envelope at the time of tenant’s arrival. FindAPlaceInParis.com may not be held responsible for inventory.

How do I create my own inventory document?

  1. Download the inventory template from our Documents section
  2. Simply fill in the appropriate fields & save file
  3. Sign & date final page, & email it to FindAPlaceInParis.com

How detailed should my inventory be?

This is up to you. We strongly recommend you list any item of value. Inventory holds your tenants accountable for their usage. This may include everything from permanent aspects (like floors, walls & paint) to dishes, linens and furniture. Try not to be too detailed for things of little value, as it is more taxing for you and your tenant. Also consider that a rented apartment will have an element of standard wear and tear. Inventory Lifespan: What to expect: A rental property generally will need timely renovations or minor alterations every 4-5 years. Paint touch-ups may be necessary more frequently. One may encounter broken items, scratched walls, stained carpet, missing dishes, sheets, etc. If something is entirely ruined & must be replaced, by law, you may only claim a percentage of that item, within reason, relative to its age.

Am I required to have an Inventory and Schedule of Condition form?

No. You are not required to provide one, however it is STRONGLY recommended to protect you from any damages or loss of property. If it’s not in the inventory, you cannot claim it for damages.


What additional serivces do we provide?

We can provide these additional services; prices vary according to property size. If something is not listed, just ask.

  • Inventory: Establishing a detailed list of the condition/contents of your property
  • Cleaning: Professional cleaning of your property prior to each tenancy period.
  • Maintenance: Supervision and instruction of approved trades-persons with owner’s consent.
  • Apartment design & furnishing: If your apartment needs a face-lift or updating, we can help.


How is the rent paid to the owner?

The rent must be paid directly to the apartment owner by bank transfer. The owner must receive all payments net of all bank charges: The sending, receiving and currency exchange fees for international bank transfers are at the tenants expense.

Who sets the rent price?

You do. We are happy to offer advice on the current rental market.

Are there any deductions from my requested rent?

No deductions. When you and the renter sign a contract, the renter agrees to transfer the agreed rent directly to your nominated bank account, not to FindAPlaceInParis.com.

What furniture items should be included in a furnished apartment?

Usually, linens, towels and basic kitchen equipment are all included in a furnished apartment. Certainly basic furniture items such as living room furniture, beds, clothes storage cupboards etc will need to be provided. Emergency safety devices such as a smoke detector, fire extinguisher should also be installed.

How are utility bills paid during a tenancy?

It is up to each owner to decide how to deal with the issue of utility bills. This will always be covered in the particular conditions of the tenancy agreement. Generally, the electricity/gas counter is checked on arrival and departure. Units used are to be payed by the tenant, and they are deducted from the security deposit prior to departure. Alternatively, you may decide to include utilities within the rental price.


Does FindAPlaceInParis.com suggest that I request a security deposit from the tenants?

Yes. Its very important that all owners request a suitable security deposit from their tenants. This will be clearly explained in the rental agreement. A refundable security deposit must be paid directly to the owner, not to FindAPlaceInParis.com. It must be paid by wire transfer or Euro check (depending on the owner policy), at least a week before arrival.

How much is the security deposit?

The suggested security deposit amount is generally the equivalent of two months rent.

What is the security deposit for?

The refundable security deposit is a reserve against actual damages, lost keys, unpaid local charges such as phone usage, and any (exceptionally) excess cleaning charges.

When must I return the security deposit?

Within two weeks after renter departure, with the exception of unusual circumstances.


Should I require that my tenants provide proof of Insurance before starting their tenancy?

Yes, it is STRONGLY advised that you verify proof of insurance prior to arrival. By French law, tenants are required to purchase a household multi-risk insurance certificate when they rent in Paris. During our reservation process, we will check that they have this on your behalf. Tenants are free to choose their own insurer. The contract must have the exact same start and end date as stated on their lease contract, if not you may not be fully covered. FindAPlaceInParis.com will make this information known to them.


Emergency Equipment

All apartments must be equipped with at least one functioning smoke detector and fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen.